What links UN peacekeepers and the Virgin Mary? The Saturday Quiz

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From Daisy Pulls It Off to Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump, test your knowledge with the Saturday quiz

1 Which former head of state was arrested in London in 1998?
2 Where is Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump a world heritage site?
3 What mammals are toothed or baleen?
4 What is the only active volcano on mainland Europe?
5 Which film set did Robin Williams call “Stalag Altman”?
6 Which element is named after Japan in Japanese?
7 In which sport do players warm up in the bullpen?
8 What classical music magazine has been in print since 1923?
What links:
Peter Taylor; Stuart Pearce; Sam Allardyce?
10 Virgin Mary; Jonathan Buttall; UN peacekeepers; Pontins entertainers?
11 Britain (1812); Mexico (1846); Spain (1898); Germany (1917)?
12 Parker; Rippon; Scully; Aspel; Bruce?
13 Countess; Garden; History; Hours; Pilgrim?
14 Aquitaine; Provence; Castile?
15 Another Country; Daisy Pulls It Off; The Browning Version; The History Boys?

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