Shohei Ohtani signed a $700m contract with which team? The Saturday Quiz

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From Tomorrow’s World to the Daleks, test your knowledge with the Saturday quiz

1 Which building represents an iron crystal magnified 165 billion times?
2 The USS Housatonic was, in 1864, the first ship sunk by what?
3 Who was Roman emperor at the time of Boudica’s uprising?
4 What was “killing music”, according to a BPI slogan?
5 Japan’s Shohei Ohtani has signed a $700m contract with which team?
6 Which Oxford college is named after a window?
7 What became Nato’s 31st member last year?
8 Which illusionists were surnamed Fischbacher and Horn?
What links:
9 Goodbye Pork Pie Hat; He Loved Him Madly; I Remember Clifford; Sweet-Pea?
10 Adam Blade; Franklin W Dixon; Carolyn Keene; Daisy Meadows?
11 Assemblé; jeté; sauté; sissonne; temps levé?
12 Clockmakers’ Museum; Energy Hall; Equinor Gallery; Tomorrow’s World?
13 England (10); Wales (3); Scotland (2); Northern Ireland (0)?
14 Dalek; cicada-killer; cuckoo; fig; paper; yellow jacket?
15 Joséphine de Beauharnais; Zelda Fitzgerald; Sandra Hill; Princess Margaret?

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