Pushing Buttons: Horror game Crow Country lets you switch off the scary stuff – and that’s fine with me


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Phobia toggles turn off scary elements like enemies, combat and spiders – but far from being too ‘cosy’, they help make gaming more accessible for even the most squeamish

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As I mentioned the other week, I’ve been playing through a PlayStation 1-style, low-poly horror game called Crow Country. Survival horror games aren’t usually my thing. They’re too intense, and full of unpleasant surprises – I even played The Last of Us with a text walkthrough to tell me when the fungal zombies were going to appear. For last year’s critical darling Alan Wake 2, I recruited my partner so I could hand over the controller whenever I felt like something was about to jump out at me.

Like Alan Wake 2, a section of Crow Country is set in an abandoned theme park – a well-worn horror setting (Max Payne did it too, as did Left 4 Dead), but one that still reliably freaks me out. Unlike Alan Wake 2, I didn’t need my partner to shield my eyes.

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