Proboscis monkeys are found only on which island? The Saturday quiz

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From a bookshop to Berlin, test your knowledge with the Saturday quiz

1 Which pair first met at Thomas Davies’s bookshop on 16 May 1763?
2 What is the closest dwarf planet to Earth?
3 Proboscis monkeys are found only on which island?
4 Which element is named after an Austrian woman?
5 Who played his own great-grandfather in the film Zulu?
6 Victoria in Australia has withdrawn as the host of what?
7 Sildenafil was sold from 1998 under what brand name?
8 Where are three-digit numbers randomly generated by Cecil?
What links:
Tom Cribb, London SW1; the Royal Dyche, Burnley; Brownlee Arms, Horsforth?
10 Vietnam (1); Syria (2); Burundi (3); New Zealand (4); China (5)?
11 Pioneered Swat training; won nine World Series; wrote The Crucible?
12 Berlin; Bremen; Hamburg?
13 Catharina-Amalia; Elisabeth; Frederik; Haakon; Leonor; Victoria; William?
14 Enid Bagnold; Nicholas Evans; Michael Morpurgo; Anna Sewell?
15 Volcanic lava; makes honey; Japanese mushroom; natural satellite; airless space?

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