‘I got to have an affair with Kylie!’ Stars share their best Doctor Who moments – part one


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As the sci-fi smash turns 60, its stars and creators reminisce about their top memories with the Time Lord – from love onboard the Titanic to K9 doing the crossword

I was one of the very few children who had no time for Doctor Who. I saw the very first episode and said in scornful falsetto, “Science fiction? Ugh!” So when I appeared as Chas Dickens, I was a Doctor Who virgin. But I remember I was moved to tears, as was Christopher Eccleston, by our exchange at the end: “You seem to know a lot about the future,” says Dickens to the Doctor. “May I ask you a question?” “Go ahead.” “Will my books be read?” “Yes.” “How long for?” “For ever.” Exquisite.

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